Wild ARM 5

Filgaia Independence

Locus Solus

You will be on the Mayflower when you regain control. Save your game and then leave to area 3, where you will take control of the Golem Asgard.

Might want to switch that to the Monowheel to start off as there are some treasures nearby. First off, a Lucky Card at x 411 y 18450, Ambrosia (x 304 y 200), and then go to the far west and north.

You’ll reach a rock. Get Asgard out and have him punch the rock to move on – but another golem is here. Asgard will be fighting Muspel. Enjoy the fight.

The central section of Locus Solus is open to you now. Get the Gella Card (x 184 y 253) and Lucky Card (x 225 y 286), and then enter the Pilgrim’s Cradle.

The Pilgrim’s Cradle

In area 2, you are treated to a new tool, the Anchor Hook Cartridge. First though, use the Power Shot to shoot the blocks each a space, and then freeze them. Use the Anchor Hook to pull yourself to them.

Examine the terminal and Carol will stay back. Go east to leave Greg on a switch and then north to leave Chuck on the next one (since it’s not dark in this room to scare him). Last, have Avril activate the east room’s switch. Now you can jump attack the bigger switch in the north room.

You’ll have your members back but a boss battle ensues. You are fighting two Nyame and a Nyankopon. The most dangerous threat is that they isolate you and get Meowserable to screw you over for a few turns. Pussy Willow will do a decent amount of damage too, so you should try to camp out on the water ley spot and get rid of the Nyame first, and then change to the wind ley point for Nyankopon. If you remember, get on the fire ley spot in the northwest for a RFX Apple.

Enter area 12 for an Anchor Orb intro. Continue all the way to area 17. Again have Carol activate the terminals and then go west. This switch belongs to Chuck, and the next one to the north put Greg on. Go east to drop Avril off and then go south and west until you see Chuck again. Get him back in the party, and then return to Greg. Switch him with Rebecca, and then go east quick to get Avril back.

Now go west and north to leave Chuck. Go east and leave Avril, and then north for the big switch. Jump attack it, save, and continue west. Another tough battle looms against three Chimera parts. After a few turns they join together into a huge Chimera that cannot be attacked – you need to wait this out or cast Isolate. Chimera C should be your first target (use the fire ley point). The other two are weak against Wind, but one of them requires you use Crush instead of Hi Blast. When the Chimera merges, use that time to catch up healing.

Head back a few areas to save and use the crystal to exit.

Locus Solus

Head back to the southeast now for some Darkness Tear scenes. You’ll get the Teleport Orb and will end up near Tony in Capo Bronco. You also get the Power Saber.

Since you’re in Capo Bronco, talk to the strong-willed shopmistress. Since you brought her husband food she gives you a Duplicator. Then she’ll ask you to deliver something else. Since you have the Teleport Orb, this is easy. Just use this to Alcedonia, and then take the train to Orsaeos. Her husband is here, so give him the Energy Drink. A Wing Amulet is your reward for this.

Since you’re in this area of Filgaia, go to Harmonde. Search around area 1 for the siamese looking cat near the port, this is Jude’s. Bring it back to Honeysday (through Meisis) as Jude is waiting. Bowtie Boy gives you XERD_003SS, a great weapon for Dean.

Letters for Rudy

There are three letters you can deliver Rudy. Jane’s Simple Letter, Cecilia’s Fragrant Letter, or Mariel’s Flowery Letter are your choices. Get Jane’s in Laila Belle, Cecilia’s in Gounan and Mariel’s in Honeysday. Rudy is the drifter you are looking for, and he appears at several places, from Cavam Valley to the Laila Belle Guild. Delivering the Fragrant Letter nets you a Duplicator and ATK Apple, the Flowery Letter nets you a Muse Amulet, and the Flegel Jahre for the Simple Letter. Obviously, the latter is a powerful weapon for Rebecca, while the Muse Amulet is a rare one that helps in getting the Chick Badge (a badge that leads to a sidequest or two).

Teleport Orb Adventures

As you travel around the trains, talk to a lady who you can exchange Teleport Orbs with. With this new “broken teleport orb” you can find spots on the map to use it and get items. In Northeast Filgaia (x 876 y 720) you’ll find a spot to use the Teleport Orb and you’ll be at the Abyss. There are some decent items and weapons here, but I don’t recommend venturing around here until you’re leveled up much more than you probably are now. You will get murdered or lose all of your gella if you run.

The northeast filgaia teleport orb area is northwest of Orsaeos. Blow up a boulder with Asgard, save your game, and continue up a hill until you are at about x 419 y 962. Use the Teleport Orb and again you end up in Southeast Filgaia, but this time in the north part. There is a King’s Crown (duplicator chest x 850 y 468) to get and on the west side you’ll see a nice, fresh, LVL Apple Tree!! You can only pick them once in a while so come back to it if you remember.

From the above location, use the teleport orb to Honeysday, and then go northeast. You’ll see a peculiar structure at x 86350 y 426 so head in and use the Teleport Orb. You will be in southwest Filgaia now on a raised area. Unfortunately all that is here is a large crystal with enemies that will slaughter you.

In southwest Filgaia, go to the desert south of Twelbit. At x 325 y 235 you will find the spot to use the Teleport Orb. You will wind up in northeast Filgaia, near a Puzzle Box. This one is damn hard but it nets you a Lucky Bird (x 81250 y 68950).


This is in Northeast Filgaia. You’ll need to go north of Provectas and cross the river with Asgard. Take the Monowheel all the way to the east and you’ll see the Tartarus structure at low elevation. Southeast of this is Puzzle Box 19, at x 949 y 769. An Ancient Sword is your reward. Teleport to the Starlit Path, and then travel north and then east. This is even more southeast of Tartarus than the last puzzle box. At the end of the path is a large stone for Asgard to destroy, and the puzzle box is revealed. Complete it (x 973 y 705) for Extra Reaction.


In southwest Filgaia, teleport to the Hillside Ruins. Travel north of here, using Asgard to go through the shallow water. At x 60 y 258 you will find a puzzle box containing Wonder Booster.

Southeast of this puzzle box is Cocytus, one of four crazy optional dungeons. Just enter it and leave so that you can Teleport here later.

Teleport back to the Hillside Ruins but go east this time until you reach a boulder. Asgard can destroy it and you can go to the southeast now where another puzzle box lies, along with a Sol Niger. Check and complete the puzzle box at x 217 y 102 and you’ll get an Elder Record.


Teleport to Wayward path south and go west. The Lightning Bomb is your reward for the puzzle box at x 131 y 846. Far to the northwest (use Asgard to get across) you will reach Inferno. This is the last of the four optional dungeons.

Travel far south of here, almost to the southwest marker on the NW map. At x 130 y 607 you will find another puzzle box that gives you Over Drive. Also in northwest filgaia, teleport to Orsaeos and go north and wrap around east. At x 463 y 874 you will reach the Slide Suit puzzle box, #16.

There should be one puzzle box left, in Southeast Filgaia. Teleport to Mt. Chug Chug and go south, using Asgard to blow through the ice to the west. At x 647 y 261 you will find the Mist Cloak after completion of the puzzle box.

This should be all 20 puzzle boxes. Once you have completed them all, return to the Rugged Train Workman. He will be pleased and will give you EZ Missile.

Hillside Ruins

Head to area 13. Now you can take the Anchor Hook across to area 14.

In this room you’ll have to Power Shot the block, and then do the Freeze / Anchor Hook combo to get across. Use the Fire Bullet and then push it onto the switch to continue. The next area (16) is tricky. You’re going to need to Power Shoot these blocks, specifically the middle one, and hope that they get in the middle of the cage coming down. Start off on the switch and move toward them to shoot as the cage goes down. Get the 10000 Gella and then turn back – you can’t enter the door at the end.

Isolated Path

Go to area 12 and use the Anchor hook to get across to area 14. Break the jars for 325 Gella and move the fan so that you can light the altar on fire.

Up ahead you’ll find more altars and the Sol Niger. Not a hard one to defeat – stand on the Earth Ley Point and use Hi Blast and Heavy Crush, and try to get on the northwest ley point for a Thief Badge.

You need to light up all four altars to continue on here. To do this you will need to push a crate in front of the fan that prevents you from lighting one of them up. There is a Wing Amulet and Neutrino Medal in the next area, not to mention a huge crystal in front of you.

You are locked out at area 18. Use the Power Shot three times or so to get it on the switch. You will find the Cloak of Illusion in the next area. Exit the Isolated Path now.

Note that you should have 18 Neutrino Medals, netting you the Airgetlam. In Meisis you should be able to get Kanon to talk about King of Angolmois – Angol Moa. She also gives you the Nose Hero (attack + 50).

Onion Baguette

Head to Twelbit and go to the Gentle Baker. If the girl with the umbrella is there you won’t be able to get it, but just exit and re-enter town if that’s the case. The baker will give you an Onion Baguette and you are to deliver it to the umbrella woman. You’ll need to enter Alcedonia until you find the sorceress with the umbrella. Once you deliver it, return to the baker for a Geo Amulet.


The Amateur Rocketeer in Harmonde needs Gold Nightingale and a Podarge Wing. Go to Mirapulse then, specifically the house directly under the bar. A Podarge Wing is left with a note – grab it and return to the Rocketeer. He will have created the Hob & Nob weapon for Carol.

See the book near the Rocketeer Clive? Well, you can only open it with the three men in your party. When you do, a battle against 8 or so Adult Mag’s ensues. They are level 82 and will wipe you out now.

While you’re in Harmonde, talk to the Charity Coordinator. Supply 20 Heal Berries (for a Blank Medium) and then 5 Tents (for Second Flash). This Second Flash is important – Teleport Orb to Twelbit and give it to the screenwriter in area 2. She’ll hand over Canned Peaches in return. Go to the Rascally Youth in Honeysday now and give him the Canned Peaches. You will acquire a Werewolf Fang now.

Tim and the Chick Badge

Go to Mithysmere once you get a Chick Badge. He will give you Sacred Boy and the Crystal Tear.

Now go to the Memorial Sanctuary. Give the guitar wielder the Crystal Tear and he gives you the Coyote M18F.

TF System Towers

There is one in each of the areas of Filgaia.

TF System Tower S

TF System Tower S is in northeast filgaia. Continue on until you reach the top of area 1 – use your freeze gun to get by. Use the jump pads in the next room to get to the top with the exit and Muse Amulet.

Eventually you will reach an area where a boss ambushes you. You are fighting against two Sea Bishops here, and they are a difficult task. They are weak against Fire but it’ll take a ley change to get that to appear. Try to then gather them on the water ley spot and fire away with Heavy Crush and Hi Blast. Careful of Hydro Pressure, that takes off a sizeable chunk of your HP. Stay healed and end on the southeast point for an ATK Apple.

Continue on to area 8 and get the Full Revive x2. See the boulders next to you, and then the outline above? Match the boulders with the design above and a door will open. Go to the previous room.

Take the newly opened west door. Leave the north bulb white, but make the south-most one red by shooting the flame shot. Make sure the other bulbs in the middle are frozen blue.

Return all the way to area 4. Since it’s frozen, push the two blocks next to eachother on the ice. Use them to form a two-way bridge so that the third block can be pushed onto the switch, opening the north path.

There is a Dragon Fossil right in front of you, and then a similar block / ceiling puzzle. This one is two levels though. Complete it, and then take the east path in area 4.

Get the duplicator chest (Hourglass), and then climb all the way to the top. The box across the chasm is a Duplicator x2. The Sol Niger is here, but it’s a little risky fighting it now. You may wish to just restore your HP and then do the puzzle to continue to floor 12. If you do fight them, be prepared for a long battle. There are three of them and they each have 35000 or so HP. Their attacks aren’t really that great but once you kill one of them, they are more apt to start spamming Heavy Crush and Hi Blast on you. Stay on the fire ley spot to do maximum damage.

Cover up the switch with the block, and then jump your way to the top. There is a duplicator chest (Pocketbook) that is worth your duplicator. Push the block down on to the switch and continue on.

As you get to the save point, you’ll see a switch in the middle. You’ll need to use the Power Shot to circle the west and northern blocks around so that one of them lies on the switch.

Wild Arms V Elvis

The chest in area 15 is a Blast Breaker. Be prepared for a boss a bit further down the path. It is Pethameno, an enemy who also uses Hi Blast but has a decent physical attacking in One Two Hook. Get a Moon Medium user in the battle to continue to use Replace, leaving the boss on the earth ley spot. Finish the battle in the far southeast for a MAG Apple.

Return back and save before going to area 16. This is where Elvis is. Variant Attack is what you really need to be watchful of, though his regular attacks (Rapid Punch) do about 2000 damage. Hydro Pressure can wipe you out, especially if you are camping out on the fire ley point. Try your best to have someone in front who can block or at least lower the damage of the physical attacks, while your Heavy Crush / Hi Blast users spam away on the ley points. Elvis is weak against everything, except Water. Conserve your MP for Carol, because afterwards you get in a solo duel. I had no MP so I had to use up my Potion Berries and Hi Break’s and such to survive.

After the battle, get the Giga Crush and leave. To get to TF System Tower F, go to the very southwest point of Northwest Filgaia.

TF System: Tower F

Go west when you enter. It may take a while, but use the Detector and then the spring jumps to get to the top for a Wing Amulet and Duplicator x2. Jump down and take the middle level exit.

This area is a little weird. First, shoot the blue central crystal. Then you’ll see four targets in the corners, shoot each of them and the north ground-floor exit will open. Climb the pole in area 4, and in area 5 you should use the detector. You will find a room where you should again use the Detector, and jump up to get the Dragon Fossil and Growth Egg (duplicator chest).

you will run into a boss. You are going up against two Skyfish. They are weak against fire and earth, but it’s risky being on those spots because they’ll blast you with Hydro Pressure on the opposite ley. Have revive and Critical Heal ready, and of course your Sword Medium user will do the bulk of the damage with Crush and combo attacks. Get someone on the northwest hex for a DEF Apple.

Continue on to area 7, climbing the pole and taking the middle exit. Just go in the room and use the detector to reveal some passages. Leave, climb up, and take the top path. Use a detector now and look to the right for a Holy Grail. To solve the fan puzzle, move the one near the Holy Grail to face east, and then the other one to face south. Then go to the middle path, and use the flame shot on the eastmost and southwest torch. The other four need to be frozen, and the door will open.

Lots of pole climbing in this area. Soon you will enter area 11. Shoot the Lucky Card and then move the fan so it faces west. This is the only way to get the Point Stabilizer (Duplicator chest). Of course, face it east to continue.

In area 12, get the Gella Card and the Gold Moon (duplicator chest) in the next room. To get the west door to open and the Sol Niger to appear, move the northwest fan so it faces east and the southeast one so that it faces west. Again, you may wish to move on until you reach the save point before trying the Sol Niger boss. It is definitely not easy. There are three huge ones with 43000+ HP. You’ll want to focus on using magic on the earth ley spot, and even then the damage isn’t that much. This will be a long battle, just stay healed and hope that Critical Heal can get you through the battle during the tough times. The northeast spot (water ley spot) drops a Full Revive. No more randoms in this tower, and you earned it.

Grab the 15000 Gella in area 14 and run ahead for a boss. It is the Jupilasect. Dark Isolate and Bloodsucker are the worst attacks. Everything else is manageable. But Blood Sucker takes off around 2000 each, not to mention it restores HP for Jupilasect. You will need a Holy Grail to survive Dark Isolate, it’s really a devastating move.

To continue on in area 14, you will need to shoot the blue crystal below, and then the crystal at the end. Save your game and get the Life Charger (duplicator chest) in the following room. To continue with the fan pattern, you will need to go west, north, west, south.

It’s not easy but climb the poles up. A tough boss lies ahead. Like, the toughest you’ve fought yet, and maybe the toughest of all.

Wild Arms V Karti end

You’ll probably want Greg outfitted in the same stuff that Carol had, building him up around the Sword Medium. Kartikeya can murder you though, with Lock On doing about 4000 damage, and Sky Twister not being very nice either. The key in both fights is to stay more than 1 hex away from him when he does the Evil Laugh, because he is about you blow you away with Lock On if he’s near. The one on one battle will test your wit – you will have to use Mega Berries when you are low on HP, and get your shots in with Intrude and Heavy Crush on the earth ley spot.

Grab the Giga Crush and leave as usual.

Southwest Filgaia TF System: Tower M

Before taking on the Tower in this area, you’ll notice the Sol Niger along the way (you’ll need to use Asgard to break a rock). You won’t want to face this, as it has ley regen and in general will smoke you because it is level 88.

As you enter TF System Tower M, just go through the first few floors until you are on the top of area 1. You’re going to need to fire shot the altar, and then use the freeze shot to get the platform to go the other way. Finally, shoot the altar with the fire shot and then continue through the west exit.

Climb the pole to area 4. Shoot the three northmost altars with the fire shot, and then get close to the south exit that is closed. Once you shoot the fourth altar it’ll open, so rush through and climb up the pole. Once you are in area 8, shoot nearby altar with the fire shot and then the freeze shot. Take the left path and go through.

Four more altars to shoot up, and then get on the platform immediately. That platform will begin to raise once you light all four up. In the next room, be sure to save and then get on one of the planks. Look at the four corners and there are four more altars to light up. The east exit opens.

Grab the Dragon Fossil nearby in area 11, and then a boss looms. You will be fighting two Iron Maidens. Not really all that dangerous, their most dangerous attack is Gravity Earth and then probably Hyperion Ray. Stay healed with Critical heal and be in the southwestern hex for a RFX Apple.

The puzzle up ahead in area 12 is simple. Fire shot the middle altar, and then freeze the rest of the altars except for the corner ones (which stay white). 15000 Gella in area 13, and then some platforms to the top. The chest at the top is a Miracle Striker.

Four more altars to shoot up in this area, and then the Sol Niger and exit on the other side. The Sol Niger’s have huge HP totals, as usual. Use your entire party to cast Hi Blast and Heavy Crush on them while you’re on the water ley point (and while they’re preferably on the fire ley point). Since only one of them can be in a hex at once, it’s easy to isolate one of them in the north spot where the fire ley point is. Stay healed, watching for the time to go to the northwest hex for a Full Revive.

Shoot the torches fast in area 15 to continue up. In area 16 you will need to flame and freeze the altars off and on to move the platforms back and forth. The duplicator chests are Goat Doll and Phantom Vision.

Save when you get to one, and continue on in this area to find Leonhart. Hi Blast is best compared to Heavy Crush, and of course the water ley spot is where you should camp out. Leonhart will use Blade Arm for 1500 or so HP damage most of the time. He does have an Uncensored Spell that does 2500. Jump to the spot just northwest of the Earth Ley Point for a Duplicator.

Final Persephone Battle

Return back to save. Rebecca is the one you need to outfit with the Sword Medium, Nosehero, and boost her physical attack with Dragon Fossils. Laurel Crown wouldn’t hurt, allowing berries to do more restoration.

Your first goal in the group battle against Persephone is to ley change so that you can get on the water ley spot. However if she pulls of Cremation on whoever is on that spot, especially if she is on the fire ley point, you are likely dead. Her Lock-on and then Gatling Gun maneuver is a good one hit kill too. Like Kartikeya though, if you move away from her she’ll just defend instead.

Next up is Rebecca versus Persephone. Persephone really has a light HP total, so a few heavy crushes on the water ley point will result in a quick victory. Persephone did nothing but cast Quicken on two different hexes before dying – but like usual, stay away if she attempts the lock on ability.

Another Giga Crush, another crystal exit.

TF System: Tower G

This is in southeast Filgaia. Just go to the northeast corner and you’ll see the structure with the opening. As you can see from area 1, this one focuses on Chuck.

Make your way up a pole to area 3, where there are several colored tiles. Jump on the first four tiles in front of you, and the first three fall down. Get the Duplicator x2 and then take the west path for Blast Builder (duplicator chest). Make your way to the south exit in the previous room now.

To continue south in this room, you need to jump on all the blocks, in the red-green-blue-yellow pattern. It’s not too hard to do, just snake around and make sure you remember the RGBY order, and of course make sure you end up at the south exit.

In area 5, you need to jump attack those switches fast – they switch back to blue quickly. It’ll take a while but you’ll get the hang of it and will gain time on the platform that is lowering. Once you get a few cleans jump attacks, run for the platform and jump.

Same idea in area 6 as in area 3. RGBY until you reach the north exit. Hopefully you haven’t wasted too much MP because a boss battle against Ghost Rider comes up. Ghostrider is weak against Wind and halves fire damage, and likes to use Night Fencer, a regular physical attack. Heavy Crush and Hi Blast on the wind ley spot will make short work of this guy. Just get on the fire ley spot (west hex) for a HIT Apple.

The next room, area 8, is the hardest RGBY one yet. You’ll want to work your west east first, and then come back counterclockwise to the north exit. Ride the platform in area 9, and use the jump attack at the end when it stops.

In area 10, take the southwest exit after the scene. There are two red pillars, and you are to have them both hit simultaneously (much like the jump attack switches before). Once you successfully do this, go back in area 10 and go to the upper exit so that you can now cross to area 12. Climb the poles, get the gella on the first two floors, and then the Dragon Fossil at the top.

Save your game and take the path straight ahead in area 14. Keep going until you can drop down in area 16. In area 17, get the Geo Amulet and then purify the Sol Niger. This is an easier one compared to some of the other group’s in the previous towers. Just stomp away on the Wind ley point, and you may need a Moon Medium user to Replace with the Sol Niger so that you can get on the north spot (fire ley point) at the end of the battle. Your reward would be a Holy Berry.

Return back to area 14, the room with all the colored altars. You will need to use the freeze shot on the first crystal, and then the power shot on the blue crystal and purple crystal (several times). Use the fire shot on the white crystal twice, and then use the regular shot on the last crystal.

As soon as you enter the next area, you’ll be in a boss fight against a Gremlin. It’s not weak against anything but you shouldn’t have an issue blowing it away on any ley spot. Might as well choose the water ley point, where you can find a HIT Apple.

Wild Arms Solider

In area 18, ride the platform until the end, where there is a Gold Sun. Rest up and have the Sword Medium / Nose Hero combo set up for Chuck. For the group battle though, you’ll want to ley change right away so you can begin to actually do some damage (on the wind ley spot of course). Be wary of the Laser Silhouette, which is an instant kill, a move similar to what you’ve seen from the other tower bosses. He’s most dangerous though when he has two turns in a row (happens every third turn or so, because he’s so fast), he tends to like to use Stone Bullet in those situations. Next to Kartikeya, this is the hardest of the tower fights imo. And he gets off his instant kill attack more often than Kartikeya.

Of course it’s Chuck and Fereydoon after this. Fereydoon is low on HP and this should be another short battle, with a few Heavy Crushes doing Fereydoon in. Oh, be sure to be on the wind ley spot. Fereydoon will use Red Zone in this one on one matchup.

One last Giga Crush to pick up. Some scenes after you hit the crystal and leave.

Back at Capo Bronco, save and leave. Head to Mithysmere, and then go west. Have Asgard go across the shallow water and you should be able to see the tower from here. Before though, get the Tiny Flower (duplicator chest) along the way.

As you cross the second shallow water part, you’ll come to a battle with Asgard and Midgard. Fun stuff.

Wild Arms V Tower O

TF System: Tower O

As you enter, alarms go off and a boss battle with two Diefighters looms. More come as you kill the first two. After about 9 total the battle will be over.

You have a shot to split up here. Choose the party to go with Dean up to face Volsung, and then after this the other three will be in battle. This is a tough boss, Gehenna Neros. It’s more the high HP total that is daunting – Gehenna will waste turns using Doppelganger, and you can kill the doppelganger a few turns after. Hi Blast can do a good deal of damage especially if you’re on the earth ley point, and have Gehenna locked into the wind ley spot.

Meanwhile, you have control of Dean. Use the detector and ride the platforms up to area 3, where there are several platforms traveling in many directions. To the south is 20000 Gella and a Dragon Fossil, both duplicator chests. Fire shot the altar and then get the west crystal in the next room.

You need to light up all three altars here, so use the charged up fire shot. Go back now. If you freeze shot the area 4 altar, a new crystal emerges. This area is tricky, because you have to continually freeze the altars while on the fast-moving central platform.

Return to area four and use the regular shot to open up a new, north crystal. Area 7 has nothing, but look to your right as you enter area 8 for Holy Berry x2 (duplicator). Also, Duplicator x2 at the other end with the exit.

There are three crystals in this room. In order to get the crystal appear, shoot the right, left, middle, and right crystal with the power shot (looking south at them), and then standard shot the left crystal to get the east crystal to appear. The key in area 10 is to power shot all the of the crystals except the middle one, and the east door opens. Continue on for Full Revive x5 and another blue warp crystal.

Get the Blank Medium in area 13. Power shot the northeast altar, freeze the southwest, fire the southeast and regular shot the northwest. Get the Duel Sign and shoot the middle crystal with the Duel Sign. You will have to fight two Magnatortoises but afterwards the north exit opens. Grab the Ambrosia and take the exit.

Vagesta up ahead will take a long while to defeat. Weak against wind, it does manage to have 90000+ HP. Maelstrom is a problem and so is Storm Blade. Stay healed and watch for spray type attacks that attack a direct line of hexes. The northeast hex has a RFX Apple if you end there.

The Sol Niger and save point are here in area 15. Also, the Exodus Orb. The three big Sol Niger’s like to halve your MP unfortunately, making this a longer and harder battle than it needs to be. End on the north-most hex though for a valuable LVL Apple.

This is the point of no return to Filgaia. Take the crystal when you are ready, and continue until you see Volsung. His best move is Gram-Saber, which does around 1000 to each character. He has a more dangerous attack with the Gram Saber but if you cast isolate on him or move away it won’t be an issue.

It is a fake Volsung though. Grab the Giga Crush and hit the crystal. Next you’ll be in Laila Belle, as two Karian Sentinel’s will be going after you. These two things are weak against water so blast away on the spot since you start on it.

Afterwards, you’ll see lots of enemy golems on the monitor. An old friend is at Honeysday to help out against the golems. The captain will teleport you to Locus Solus.

Locus Solus : Black Box

Search area 1 for a Cordyceps, Full Revive, an item-selling treasure box, and a save point.

The first puzzle comes in area 3. Freeze three of the four wooden crates, and shoot the fourth. Then drag the remaining three on the three switches to take the south exit. There is a Lucky Card in the cell and then continue along for area 5.

Area 5 has an LS Amethyst P and Holy Berry in the cells, and then shoot through the south wall with the power shot to get to area 6. To continue in here you are going to need to push a crate onto the switch, and go to the west wall. Shoot the crate on the switch and a cage comes down right in front of you, but the door opens.

Area 8 has a Mega Berry and Hi Water. Shoot the detector off in area 9 and then shoot the objects – if you walk into them, it’ll start a fight. Area 10 has an Ambrosia and two exits – take the lower one.

Blow the blue crystal up with the power shot. This just opens up a path back to area 3 if you want. Go back up though and take the top path in area 10. Area 12 has a boss, Titanius. Try to Replace if it gets on the Wind ley spot, because that’s where you want to be. After a few Heavy Crushes and Hi Blasts Titanius will be dead.

Go through the door to area 13, ignoring the area 12 devices. There is an LVL Apple in a jar in area 13, and a LS Amethyst E in area 14.

With the power shot, shoot the blue crystal ahead after the long scene. Use the detector and then look to the north. Jump and shoot the power shot to knock a pipe down. Now you can go to the switch. Once you step on it, you’ll see the blue flame at 11, pink at 3, and orange at 7. Go through the other door in this room to get to area 8.

You’ll want to take the top route here to get back to area 9 and again take the top path in area 10. Finally you are back in area 12. Instead of making it 7:55 though you need to put the minutes at 55 and hour at 8. Take the west catapult up to area 17.

Fire up all the altars in area 18 and go back to 12. Put both the hours and minutes to 15 and now you can use the east launching pad to get to area 19. Area 20 has four more altars to fire up, but two of them have blue flame this time. Back to area 12 with the clock. Change it to 6:10 (minutes at the 2 spot, hour at the 6) and a door opens in area 20. Take that east trampoline and go through to area 21. A boss ambushes you here, two Garyugossa’s. They’re weak against earth but you must be wary of camping out on the earth ley spot. If they are on the wind ley spot, they can do a fair amount of damage to you.

Take the area 21 elevator and then go straight ahead in area 22. There is an LS Amethyst Y, Ambrosia, save point, and Sol Niger. The three Sol Niger’s aren’t fun and may make this battle a long one. Your best bet is to get on the earth ley spot, though it is occupied so that may be hard to do without Replace.

Wild Arms Volsung Monowheel

Return to the previous area because there are two hallways that are accessible. This will take a while to explore both areas – shoot the blue crystals to create elevators or to set platforms. While on the platforms that disappear / appear you’ll need to look for other blue crystals to shoot. You’ll find two switches you can jump attack in area 24, an LS Amethyst Z on the next floor up, and that’s about it.

Save your game in area 26 and then return around the circular path to area 24. Insert the four Amethysts along the north wall and a new path will open up. You can save one last time.

Volsung is here, the real one. After a long scene, you’ll be fighting him and two of his Zone Violator buddies. He has an instant kill attack with GZ Nemesis that will kill anyone in the hex. This would be a good reason to stay separated because his Gram Zanber attack only does 1500 or so damage.

After the battle, Volsung has a trick up his sleeve. Use the Exodus Orb to get the hell out of there so Jotunheim doesn’t stomp you. You can save before you get outside. Your buddy Asgard is likely to get slaughtered by Jotunheim here. Anyway, watch the 5 minute scene and then you will be in the last battle.

Legio Volsung‘s difficulty is based on your levels. The higher all of your members are, the closer to level 100 Legio Volsung will be. It has an Ultimate Claw P attack that attacks all members. Giga Crush is one of it’s more powerful attacks but even that does around 2500 damage only. If you’ve gotten this far you’ll know what to do.


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